Unlike other stores, you can borrow cash for any purpose from our in-house lender, using just your digital assets.



• We offer short & medium term business loans. We offer flexible terms, rates and repayment mechanisms. We can tailor the loan to fit your business needs.

• Our loan programmes usually last between 1 and 24 months.

• PC24S loans range from £100 to £100,000 in size. We have numerous repayment options that can be custom tailored to fit your business needs - Daily, weekly and monthly repayment programmes options tailored to you.

• Our loans can be either asset-backed, based on your business’s cash flow or a combination of both. Our proprietary digital underwriting process takes into account the true value of your business so that you can realize your value.

• Use us to acquire another digital business or digital Intellectual Property like a domain name or website


Why this may be good for you

Our lending arm is a non-bank alternative lending and financial technology company that makes commercial loans to qualified borrowers. PC24S looks at a number of metrics besides store credit scores like: transactions, traffic & sales analytics, intellectual property values and growth history. PC24S caters to all types of small businesses but specializes in businesses that do a portion to all of their business through the online economy.

Since PC24S is not structured as a bank, is not regulated as one, and uses specialized technology, PC24S can effectively underwrite and fund business loans in ways that banks or other traditional lenders simply can’t! PC24S cares most about cash flow and digital traffic dynamics, is not structured as a bank, and is not regulated as one either. PC24S has specialized knowledge and technology that banks simply don’t have.


How to apply

To qualify to apply, you either

• Have to have bought your domain name and web hosting with us, or

• Migrated your existing website to our servers.


PC24S strives to make loan underwriting as painless a process as possible. Once we receive a verified application and access to the last three-months of your business bank statements, we can usually make you an offer within 12 hours. Depending on how your business works PC24S may require other documents like historical bank statements and web monetization data before funding.



1. How long does it take to get funded?

We pride ourselves on speed! Usually we can give loan applicants offers within 12 hours and can fund your business 12-36 hours after that. However, we understand that some businesses are more complex than others. If you have a short business track record, highly seasonal revenue or something else that is unusual, the funding process may take longer for you. We may need to look at additional documentation to better understand if you’re a good candidate for a PC24S loan programme or what kind of loan works best for you.


2. Are PC24S Loans Secured

Yes, our loans are secured. We require a lien filing on your business assets and a personal guaranty from the primary business owner(s).


3. What is the Underwriting Process Like?

While we look at many different factors we know that your business is much more than your credit score. While we do look at credit reports we care most about your business cash flow and trends. We will also look at things like reviews, internet traffic statistics, liens, litigation and overall business optimization.