My UKStores is both an online and physical store vendor that sells both physical and digital products, but currently ships physical goods from our warehouses to our customers directly. There are limited showrooms, stores and order pick-up centres planned over the coming months, as well as increasing resellership and franchising networks.

Physical presence is key to our growth strategies to stock vital inventories among other functions, where selected inventory goods are received and later shipped to customers, that includes the ability to buy online and pick up in the store and in using our stores as fulfillment centres, buy-online-fulfill-at-store (BOFS) - inventory integration. Each store functioning as a small distribution centre, online orders fulfilled at, or returned to, physical stores.

Minimum of 10 custom-built physical stores (group-owned via a capex strategy) are expected to open between 2018 and end of 2021. Actively managing our portfolio of assets is essential to maintaining a healthy business. Deliberately maintaining a limited number of physical stores amid better technology is necessary to keep the company strong and positioned for the future. The first two physical stores (experiential than transactional) in the UK are scheduled to open by Q1 2018: In our quest to build retail and wholesale experience that crosses the border of the digital and physical.

Planned Showrooms Locations


• Manchester



Planned Store Locations

• London

• Croydon

• Manchester


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